Condos to Complexes: A Residential Agent’s Guide to Selling Up in Commercial Real Estate and Brokering Apartment Buildings

This Book Offers Easy, Practical, Real Estate Strategies for Agents & Brokers

Level-Up Your Real Estate Business with Condos to Complexes – the must-have guide for real estate agents looking to thrive in today’s commercial real estate market.

Building a successful commercial real estate business doesn’t have to be hard. When you download your copy of Condos to Complexes you get a powerful, practical, proven how-to guide that will help you scale your commercial real estate business. This user-friendly guide is filled with valuable tips and strategies from real estate advisor, investor, and successful entrepreneur, Ali Choucri.

Boost Your Real Estate Game by Mastering 8 Key Areas

Here’s what’s inside this book:

Gain the competitive edge with these extra skills

When you purchase Condos to Complexes, you will also gain unique insight on how to leverage influence and connection, as well as learn about the systems you can implement for even greater success.

Online Course


“My goal is to add value wherever possible. These ideas and formulas in my book and online course have worked for me, and I can promise you that, with the right approach and some patience, they can work for you, too.”

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Grow a successful and fulfilling career that:

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- Applies your perseverance and cleverness. Own your success story

About the Author & Trainer

Boston-based real estate advisor, investor, and entrepreneur

A Certified Real Estate Advisor

Boston-based real estate advisor, investor, and entrepreneur, Ali Choucri has advised on over $80M in real estate transactions, with a heavy focus on multifamily investment properties and real estate capital advisory.

A licensed partner with Engel & Volkers in Boston, Ali is also the managing principal of Argand Realty Capital – a boutique capital advisory firm serving the U.S. commercial real estate middle market. Ali holds a bachelor’s degree in English Literature from Seattle University, an MBA from Northeastern University, and a Real Estate Finance and Development Certificate from MIT.